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The PDA University includes actions carried out by PDA International which are designed to transfer the PDA expertise and knowledge to PDA Analysts, Clients and Partners.

“Each PDA Report has a price, but what we, as Consultants, can to do with it is priceless…”
The first step of the PDA learning process is the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar where each participant will learn about the suggested way of administrating the PDA Assessment Form and the correct way of analyzing and interpreting the PDA Full Reports and Graphs. To continue this learning process it is important for each certified PDA Analyst to learn in depth and train themselves in how to offer maximum benefit to their clients from the flexibility of the PDA Assessment.This is to be achieved through the application of the tool to every HR process: selection, Talent Development Programs, Training Sessions, Workshops, group and individual PDA feedback, and coaching among others. This is why the main purpose of the PDA University is to consolidate within Partners, PDA Analysts and Clients their PDA expertise and knowledge by sharing documents, consultation tips and key aspects, training materials and instructions that are necessary for them to successfully oversee a PDA Assessment application. This will also assist them when facilitating and conducting workshops and consulting sessions based on the information obtained through the PDA Assessment Report.
Through the Consulting Portal, PDA International provides relevant information and documents regarding “how to effectively use and apply the PDA Assessment and Reports”. In addition, Clients and Partners who wish to become PDA Consultants can access the Portal and find complete support information on the PDA University.

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