• Coaching with PDA and MyPDACoach

Based on the principle that “the person with higher chances of success is the one who moderates and modifies his/her extreme axes in order to adapt to different individuals and situations”, MyPDACoach has been designed to help participants moderate, adapt and adjust their natural behavioural style in order to approach and integrate better with the different people with whom they work and live, and provide spontaneity to the situations they face. The information provided by the PDA Report adds huge value to coaching processes. It helps Coaches objectively learn about the in objectively knowing specific characteristics of Coachees' behavioural style and identify their strengths and areas to be developed. The PDA Report includes extremely valuable chapters to enrich a coaching program, such as the Behavioural Profile Description, How to Lead the person Effectively, Strengths that can be overused and Keys to Motivate the person effectively, among others. In addition, and with the intention to help PDA Consultants in coaching processes with PDA, we have created MyPDACoach. This is an online function that complements PDA Feedback and coaching sessions, accompanying Coachees during their coaching processes. After the MPC Coach gives the PDA Feedback Session, MyPDACoach will invite Coachees to define a “competence to be developed” and will then accompany and guide them during six weeks by sending topics, notes, advice, exercises and motivational material via email to help them maintain their will to continue to work on the particular changes of their behavioural style. The attached documents will be very useful for MPC Coaches to understand and facilitate coaching processes leveraged by MyPDACoach. We invite you to read the following documents and rely on our Consultants and PDA University in order to strengthen your expertise in these coaching practices with MyPDACoach.