• Commercial Screening

Purpose of the activity

Commercial Screening is a detailed study that allows the identification and measurement of the commercial skills of your salesforce. Through this study, you will be able to identify if the individuals who are responsible for selling, providing assistance and support and keeping clients satisfied, have the necessary skills. Commercial Screening will allow PDA Consultants to measure and identify individual and group skills regarding aspects such as contact and opening, negotiation, closing of sales, support, follow-up, cross-selling and customer loyalty. The purpose of this material is to provide PDA Consultants with a simple and clear guide that will allow them to adequately lead and offer advice during the Commercial Screening Process through the application of the PDA Assessment.
When using this guide, PDA Consultants will be able to:
  • Identify the behavioral requirements of the commercial positions.
  • Adequately evaluate individuals who occupy sales positions.
  • Define “customized” consulting and training actions that allow strengthening and empowering the salesforce.
  • Make accurate recommendations to the Commercial Management of the company.
  • Share “customized” consulting actions that will empower the salesforce and improve commercial results.

Benefits of the Commercial Screening activity

The PDA Assessment allows you to identify the best salespeople and develop them successfully. After defining the commercial profile required by the company and assessing the salesfroce, several studies can be carried out: individual compatibility studies, group tendencies studies, group compatibility studies. These are valuable reports that allow PDA Consultants a deep understanding of the behavioural aspects and characteristics of the workforce and their leaders. A report detailing each salesperson’s sales style is also obtained. From the individual and group results provided by the PDA Assessment, PDA Consultants can define and design specific actions, such as individual coaching, and offer advice to leaders and supervisors. They can also create specific content for training activities to suit the needs, and make PDA Consulting interventions to strengthen the salesforce, empower efficiency and improve results.

PDA JOB Process

To be used by PDA Consultants during the JOB Job Definition Dynamics “made to measure”.

JOB Form

The JOB Form, which is necessary for the JOB PDA Job Definition Process.

JOB Form with PS

This document includes the PDA Pattern Profiles of each of the affirmations / tasks.