• PDA Feedback

Manage and strengthen people and team talent

PDA Feedback is provided by a PDA Analyst and can be directed at individuals, teams or groups. It consists of a personalized and detailed feedback of the information delivered by the PDA Report and Graphs. For the Individual PDA Feedback Session, PDA Consultants can use the PDA Report and occasionally the compatibility study between that person and his or her position. For Group PDA Feedback, PDA Consultants use each participants’ PDA Report and the Group Tendencies Report. This allows the group to identify and recognize their natural behavioural tendency as well as the tendencies they are displaying based on the demands of the current situation. Both, Individual and Group PDA Feedback, are usually the starting point for consulting interventions for developing talent in people and teams.

Guide for Interpreting PDA Graphs

A complete guide in PDF and PPT format that details and thoroughly describes all the aspects to consider and respect when analyzing, interpreting and providing PDA Feedback.