• Communication & Influence with PDA

Purpose of the activity

The PDA Assessment allows us to identify each person’s communicational style. This workshop concentrates in understanding others and developing strategies for improving communication with and influence on others. It also helps develop people’s managerial characteristics successfully. Individuals, according to their behavioural style, have certain “leadership skills”. Through the PDA Assessment, you will be able to identify people's leadership styles and help them develop successfully according to the their abilities and motivations in order to reduce the error margin to zero.

When completing the activity, participants will be able to:
  • Identify strengths and areas to be developed according to each style.
  • Raise their consciousness about the impact of their trends in the way in which they communicate and relate with others.
  • Understand others’ tendencies and the possible adaptations that contribute to better communication and influence.

Activity dynamics

The activity is designed in two simple stages:
  • PDA Feedback with the participant (Individual or Group).
  • Workshop with group/team members. Work will be focused on communicational styles and strategies to improve the ability to influence through it.
  • Description of the activity

    This document consists of a clear and objective description of the process PDA International recommends to follow when developing team building activities.