• Identifying a Position’s Behavioural Requirements

Identify the behavioural requirements of positions

The PDA Assessment offers different alternatives for identifying the behavioural requirements of a specific position. In this section, PDA Consultants will be able to find all the necessary materials and recommendations for leading dynamics and offering adice to their clients in relation to the PDA Profile Definition of Positions. The alternatives described here, which can be performed independently or in combination thereof, will allow PDA Consultants to allocate a “behavioural profile” that is characteristic of a position. Said defined “behavioural profile” will outline the basic and necessary behavioral requirements to ensure a successful performance of the person in the position.

PDA JOB Process

To be used by PDA Consultants during the JOB Job Definition Dynamics “made to measure”.

JOB Form

The JOB Form, which is necessary for the JOB PDA Job Definition Process.

JOB Form with PS

This document includes the PDA Pattern Profiles of each of the affirmations / tasks.