• Recruiting & Selection with PDA

The following material was designed for PDA Consultants as a guide to outline and run different recruiting processes through the application of the PDA Assessmentand the analysis of the PDA Reports and Graphs. It is important to consider that this material is only a guideline offered by PDA International with suggestions or recommendations regarding the uses of the PDA Assessment in personnel selection processes. Previous HR background and experience will be valuable to understand the essence of this document and, from the PDA Assessment implementation, Consultants will be able to assume and apply their consulting judgment and find the best ways to add value to recruiting processes.
By using this guide, PDA Consultants will be able to:
  • Identify the behavioral demands of the job position.
  • Assess candidates or applicants properly.
  • Conduct screening interviews based on the PDA model.
  • Offer clear and objective advice to those who make the decision.
  • Make specific recommendations to supervisors, managers and candidates based on the analysis of the report.

PDA JOB Process

To be used by PDA Consultants during the JOB Job Definition Dynamics “made to measure”.

JOB Form

The JOB Form, which is necessary for the JOB PDA Job Definition Process.

JOB Form with PS

This document includes the PDA Pattern Profiles of each of the affirmations / tasks.