• Team Building with PDA

Purpose of the activity

The purpose of this activity is to provide leaders with a space for thinking/acting that will allow them broader knowledge of their leadership style and their team member’s behavioural tendencies. This is achieved through the objectivity given by the PDA as an individual-group self-awareness tool. After the activity, leaders will be able to:
  • Identify their own strengths and those of their group members regarding the business.
  • Identify their own opportunity areas and those of their group members regarding the business.
  • Identify decision-making styles, communication styles and motivators within the team and its members.
  • Identify specific actions that will enhance and impact effectiveness while working towards the achievement of results.

Activity dynamics

The activity consists of three simple steps:
  1. Individual PDA feedback to the team leader
  2. Analysis of the PDA Assessment Report of each team member with the team leader, relating their individual behavioral style with the group behavioural tendencies.
  3. Presentation of various dynamics through a team workshop, which will confirm the behavioural tendencies of every group member.

Team Building Handbook

This handbook describes the necessary instructions and recommendations for leading activities for leadership empowerment.

Description of the activity

This document consists of a clear and objective description of the process PDA International recommends to follow when developing team building activities.

Team Building Program

This PowerPoint document was designed for PDA Consultants as a basis for different dynamics on team empowerment and integration of its members.