Develop your leaders, strengthen your teams and motivate your staff to achieve improved business results.
Helping organizations get the most from their people.

This option helps companies strengthen their HR operations in order to improve their bottom line and profitability. Incorporating the PDA Assessment into selection and talent management processes enables them to reap enormous benefits:

To select, retain and develop their people in alignment with the company’s business objectives.

To strengthen and empower their sales force.

To improve integration, communication and teamwork.

To improve the effectiveness of their Team Leaders.

To strengthen the relationship between Team Leaders and their collaborators, thereby increasing motivation.

PDA Benefits

  • It’s quick and easy to implement
  • It’s very intuitive and user-friendly
  • It’s sound and scientifically validated
  • It has international support

How do you get PDA?

Your company can use the PDA Assessment either by training and certifying the HR team or by relying on the expert PDA Consultants in our international network of PDA Partners.

Each Company has its own database and can manage assessments and Reports online.

PDA International offers its clients the opportunity to obtain Credit Packages, as well as Corporate Unlimited Use Licenses.

PDA International provides its clients with access to PDA Consulting Solutions: Consulting dynamics and activities for managing and developing talent based on the information provided by the PDA Assessment.

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