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We incorporated PDA, integrating it with our competency-based performance evaluations.  This added immense value in:
• Providing additional insight of potential outcomes of the observed evaluations. Improving the way to provide feedback to those tested.
• Helping achieve greater confidence and commitment of the line in the skills development program at a regional level.

María Laura Martí

Regional Manager Development, SKANSKA

I came across the PDA Assessment when working at another organization as Employment and Development Leader. I first implemented it as a very valuable instrument for Recruitment, and later extended it to development. Currently, as Development Leader at Banco Supervielle, I encouraged the initiative of incorporating the PDA Assessment as a new instrument because it means a strategic contribution to our human resources processes. We are mainly applying it in Development for talent hunting and team management with very good results.

Evelina Cetta

Talent Management, Banco Supervielle

The use of PDA adds tremendous value in being able to generate online reports to assess the candidates against the behavioral demands of each position. This information can be utilized in both the selection and development processes of internal employees.

Verónica Climent

Head of Careers and Development, Santander

At our organization, we have worked with the instrument for over five years in recruiting, training and development processes, reaching excellent results while reducing time and resources in our internal processes.

Martín Cavanna

Training and Development Department, BPN

We have been working with the PDA since 2014 in our internal development processes, recruiting and our School of Business applications. We have also carried out mappings with our collaborators according to sales sectors to align our training plans with our sales model. The instrument is known in all our areas, and is part of our Human Development kit of instruments.

Romina Cacacio

Development and Training Manager, Banco Patagonia

For the last five years, we have been using the PDA Assessment in development programs and are very pleased with its results. The feedback it allow has been of great advantage for those who have received it, as it has been useful for setting development plans at a key moment in their career.

Paloma Arango

Manager-HR Human Resources, DELOITTE Spain

PDA has allowed us to make a qualitative leap in identifying executive potential, both in recruiting management profiles as well as in relocation programs for such professionals. The PDA Assessment is an essential part of our curricular certification service for executives. It provides extremely valuable information, with a very accurate assessment of competencies– soft skills. It is a very powerful instrument for making decisions. We highly recommend it.

Alberto Fernández Varela


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