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Training in PDA Consulting Solutions will empower your consulting profile

Joining our network of Partners and Distributors will allow you to work with our instruments and quickly obtain significant benefits.

Our Partner Programme offers HR companies and professionals the opportunity to improve their services and increase and further develop their business. It is designed for independent Consultants, Coaches, Trainers and Recruiters, as well as Consulting Firms that focus on talent selection and management, head hunting and recruiting.

Joining our network of Partners and Distributors will allow you to work with our instruments and quickly obtain significant benefits.

Become part of the PDA Partner Community…

Add value to your products and services by integrating the PDA Assessment as a diagnostic tool.

Execute successful PDA Consulting programmes and dynamics with the support of materials, testimonials, etc.

Incorporate the MyPDACoach online Self-Development platform with your development and coaching programmes.

Create greater promotional impact by leveraging all of the PDA sales materials, presentations and marketing campaigns.

Increase your client base by obtaining leads for clients who have responded to our permanent marketing campaigns expressing their interest in PDA products.

Increase your revenues by incorporating our products into your portfolio.

Share your successes, as well as your advice, with contacts and companies all over the world.

10-65% off in PDA products.

The PDA kit also includes:

  • PDA Analyst training + e-learning
  • Own database and personal User ID for accessing the fully intuitive, self-managed online platform.
  • Access to MyPDACoach, PDAInternational’s e-coaching platform.
  • Unlimited access to the Consultancy Portal, which offers Partners all the necessary materials for providing consulting programmes and solutions based on the PDA Assessment
    • Leadership skills Development Programmes.
    • Sales Skills Development Programmes
    • Team Integration Programmes
    • PDA Communication Programmes
    • PDA Feedback
    • PDA Selection Process
    • Coaching with PDA and MyPDACoach
  • Unlimited access to the Sales Portal, which allows Partners access to all the necessary materials for presenting and promoting the PDA Assessment:
    • Sales presentation for every product.
    • Marketing materials for various campaigns.
    • Client testimonials on the PDA Assessment and its applications, sample proposals, technical materials and institutional materials (design of brochures, cards, banners, etc…)

The purpose of the programme is to give PDA Partners the opportunity to expand their business at no risk, without losing sight of their core business.

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