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We design and facilitate strategies for individual and team development based on behaviour and focused on integral and strategic transformation.
As a PDA certified Partner you can work with more solid and objective tools. This is only the beginning of your relationship with PDA; we invite you to join us in a journey in which you’ll be able to consolidate and enrich your service offer. It is our responsibility to work with you, provide valuable tools and innovate in our solutions so that you have access to that which will respond to current organisational needs.

What is PDA University?

From PDA International, we seek to transfer the know-how to our partners so that they may expand their service offer and address the current demands of organisations.

Why should you be certified in PDA University?


When you are certified by PDA, you are part of our global community of partners, in which we share news, experiences, content and more.


Being connected is essential. So, we work with different networks that bring us together.


When you are a PDA certified partner, you are backed by a support team in each of your projects.


We believe that learning should be constant. Thus, we propose a training path for you to choose what adapts to your needs.

When you are a PDA certified partner, you have access to our Consulting Portal, in which you’ll find our new Expansion Capsules and much more.

Inside-Out approach

Behavioural Transformation

Expansion Capsules

You have access to content that will strengthen your consulting offer. Our workshops and programmes will help participants reach their goals based on expanding their behavioural profile.

Positive Conversations


Collaborative Teams

Transformational Leadership

Sales Matching



Discover our tools

Accelerate effective development in your organisation by addressing current organisational needs.

The perfect choice at all times

We Develop Talent

We work inside-out, seeking to discover our strengths for transformation.

We Transform Organisations

Methodology + innovation + people = Comprehensive Talent Management

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