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PDA Assesment

The PDA is an assessment that, through a simple, precise and scientifically, validated methodology, allows describing and analysing the behavioural profile of individuals and identifying their talents, mains skills, motivators, strengths and opportunity areas.

Scientifically validated – Over 90% reliability

Easy and fast to complete (10-20 minutes)

Online Administration and immediate delivery results

 Intuitive and friendly

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Sample Reports

PDA Report

A detailed description of people’s behavioural profile, which identifies the style of leadership, decision-making style and how successfully they lead.


A report which shows the compatibility between the person assessed against one or more positions whether predefined or customized by the client).


A report which shows the compatibility between several people evaluated against one or more positions (whether predefined or customized by the client).


The report that measures the degree of compatibility between the person being evaluated and selected competencies.

Group Report of Compatibility with competencies

The report that measures the degree of compatibility between those assessed in a group and the selected competencies.


This report allows you to do an analysis of a group of people.

Leadership Matching

This Report describes and details the essential aspects to be considered by any Leader in order to assure good communication and consolidate its relationship with each of its collaborators.

Feedback 360° PDA

The report that provides both quantitative and qualitative information on the evaluation of the competences of the individuals, integrating the results of the PDA Assessment and offering a plan of action and development

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We invite you to be part of a unique partnership that will maximize the growth of your company.

These are some of the benefits of our Partners Program:

Add value to your products and services by integrating the PDA Assessment to all Human Resources processes.

Incorporate our online self-development platform MyPDACoach into your development and coaching programs.

Increase your income by adding new products to your portfolio.

Increase your business impact based on our commercial materials, presentations and PDA marketing campaigns.

Be part of our community and share with us your successful experiences, as well as your inquiries, with contacts and companies around the world.

This program is aimed to Consultants, Coaches, Trainers and Selectors who work independently as well as Consultants focused on Strategic Consulting.


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