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Learning Agility, vision of the complex environment

Experts describe Learning Agility as “knowing exactly what to do when you don’t know what to do”: we’re referring to a characteristic that demands a strong learning agility, often related to critical thinking.

Stronger teams thanks to feedback

A survey carried out by the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) shows that 52.3% of young people think that teamwork is the most in-demand skill.

Employee Experience for all

Creating positive experiences through Employee Experience makes it possible to build a more productive organisational culture.

Engaged employee, accountable team

We recently discovered that accountability focuses on talent development in organisations, and that it defines the leader’s ability to take responsibility for results in an autonomous way.

What do Millennials want?

One of the valuable actions of any Human Resources department is to analyse the people involved in an organisation: understand that their needs vary and are not linear. This concern to thoroughly know all the stakeholders means that not only are the actions more custom, but they are also more effective.