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Organisations aligned with the digital future

When driving the digital transformation in organisations, the first step is to understand the skills the company has to start getting involved in the path towards transformation and, then, begin to plan and carry out actions. 

More digitalisation, more collaborative work

Nowadays, the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for collaborative work, the access to the Internet and the large accessibility to social media have caused a great disruption, offering unlimited access to information through a single click. 

In this sense, this reality is also part of organisations and boosts a collaborative working methodology focused on acquiring knowledge beyond individualities, taking into account team diversity. 

The importance of having the right talent in times of crisis

In Mexico, we have been experiencing for many years now moments of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA); such living conditions have been boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This environment has definitely affected our daily lives, our ways of thinking, feeling and acting and has changed our emotional states, interests, needs and values. In many cases, our basic needs have been modified or substituted by othes, such as security and protection needs. Everything has changed. 

War for talent after COVID-19

Politicians often use “big words” in their speeches. Whenever a change in society requires a bit more efforts, they call it a battle, and in times of emergency, they are immediately at war with something or someone. Well, this very political rhetoric has moved into the business world, so we in HR ended up with the WAR FOR TALENTS! 

Stop selecting talent and start attracting it

Many organisations currently have problems to select the ideal person for a job. Many will think, “this isn’t new,” every selection area is focused on reaching the right number and being effective in their selection process, especially when that process is directly related to economic compensation. Nowadays, those processes are becoming more creative; recruiters launch recruitment campaigns on social media, workshops, and novel recruitment ads, where they tell you that “if you’re cool, this is the organisation for you”. All this is very valid, but we must go back to basics because we’re not selecting, we’re attracting talent to an organisation. 

After Covid-19 virus

Corona Virus is changing a set of paradigms. 

Society needed to rethink a set of “acquired data”. 

The Planet needed a break, a long time ago. 

The “family” needed a new opportunity. 

Employees needed to rebalance their activity time, some of them. 

Managers needed to rethink social intervention. 

Now what? 

Behavioural mapping for security jobs

In the framework of occupational safety and always focusing on the employees who are most exposed to risk conditions or danger as a consequence of their daily functions (for example, a technician, production worker, labourer or however they are called by the organisation), we must rethink the profile we think we need, since this becomes a coordinates system for the human resources area to direct their recruitment strategies.

Change Accelerators: More technology, better humans

Nobody ever imagined that this slogan would have so much power, but the PDA Assessment is a change accelerator. Now that the world is changing, now that we are all rushing, we ask ourselves what to do, how to keep control, how to manage, how to lead, how to assess, i.e., endless questions that arise due to tomorrow’s uncertainty.