Development according
to the potential of your employees

Create spaces to give timely feedback to your employees on their competencies, develop action plans to accelerate your organization’s results with the FeedBack360° PDA.

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The growth of your employees is essential to improve their performance, increase productivity and enrich the quality of life for both them and your organization.

At PDA we have developed an evaluation and feedback tool that is fast, simple and intuitive.

Add value
with Feedback 360

The training and development needs of your company’s talent.

A simple tool for their self-development of your employees.

Spaces to give continuous, timely and concrete feedback.

Strengths and opportunities for the improvement of your employees.

Communication and work climate in your organization.

Employee engagement through recognition.

What is 360° feedback evaluation?

360° evaluations, gathers feedback from an employee’s leader, peers and direct suppliers to provide a complete picture of their performance. With multiple ratings, they address critical competencies and offer opportunities to open valuable conversations.

360° Feedback PDA?

The Feedback 360° assessment was designed to provide team leaders with accurate information so they can focus on working with key talent to complete each project and drive organizational purpose.

How do our
behavioral assessments work?


The organization’s competencies can be included for evaluation, as well as many aspects of the platform can be configured.


You will be able to perform comparative analysis with the information provided by the Behavioral Assessment to get a more complete view of the team.


Allows you to launch unlimited evaluation and feedback processes. It is suggested that the participants be close to the person being evaluated to achieve an integral perspective.

Identify performance gaps with Feedback 360° PDA

You can quickly gather feedback from leaders, peers and team members, and compare it with your own perceptions of performance. We make it easy for you to get a complete and accurate picture of your performance.