Explore your talent,
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With the Vocational Orientation Test (VOT) you will be able to analyze your personality, skills, interests and preferences. Find the recommendations and determine your direction.

Discover your vocation in just 20 minutes

The Vocational Orientation Test invites individuals to go on a journey of self-knowledge to get closer to their interests and skills with the goal of finding the best fit for their future.

Once the VOT is completed, the results will provide an overview of the types of skills that match one’s personality and interests.

Why TOV with PDA?

Comprehensive and multidisciplinary

Based on three approaches (vocational preferences, multiple intelligences and behavioral profile) that allow for a valid and consistent result. .

Friendly and intuitive platform

Language according to and close to the public and easy to understand. With a gamified experience.

Simple and complete report

Simple, concise and easy to read report for participants, with in-depth and detailed information.

Our approaches

Vocational Preferences

The Career Interests Questionnaire (CIP) is a research report based on a scientific sample, the results of which have been successful and have shown that the CIP is suitable for making a scientific assessment of interests associated with tertiary careers and corresponding professions.

The module has 135 different descriptions corresponding to 15 Vocational Preferences that provide a complete sample of possible career interests.

Multiple Intelligences by Joseph Gardner


PDA Behavioral Profile

The richest underpinning of our TOV is the Behavioral Assessment, areliable, scientifically validated instrument that has been developed to understand and describe people’s behavior.

Discover your vocation with VOT and develop your potential

You will be able to analyze your personality, skills, interests and preferences, and we can recommend areas of expertise that match your profile.